Bruised? 5 Ways to Heal Bruises Fast

Elevation. Bruising is just blood pooling under the surface of your skin so, to keep bruising to a minimum, upon injury try to raise the soon-to-be-bruised area above your heart to minimize the blood flow to the area.

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Ice & Heat. For the first 24-48 hours, apply an ice pack to the area to reduce redness and swelling and shorten the duration healing time. After the initial 24-48 hours, apply warm compresses to the bruise to dilate the blood vessels, promote your immune system response and increase healing.

Arnica Gel. This is the plastic surgeon’s secret weapon used to get ladies who go under the knife out from under the covers – and a favorite of professional athletes who bruise often. By dialating the blood vessels and increasing circulation, arnica gel helps to decrease healing time. You can buy arnica gel at most health food stores and use it as directed until the bruise disappears.

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Eat Well & Exercise. This probably goes without saying, but the healthier your whole body is, the more healing resources you’ll have to fight off injury – and the same goes for healing bruises. So if you find yourself black and blue, load up on fruits and vegetables, stay away from high-sodium processed foods and exercise.

Ban Aspirin. You may want to reach for a pain-reliever, but Aspirin prevents blood clotting and may cause the bruise to grow even bigger, especially if taken within the first 48 hours.

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