Buy It/DIY It: How To Heal Scars + Fade Them Forever

Scars Scars, scars go away! (Don’t come back another day!)

By Alix Turoff

We all have scars. There was that time we fell off the swing set in pre-school, the burn we accidentally received when making pasta, the zit that we couldn’t help but pick…the list goes on and on. And those are just the relatively small ones. But even these seemingly small incidents cause trauma to the skin and can ultimately lead to an unsightly scar.

Those of us who have undergone major surgery know they can be far, far worse.

After an injury, our bodies form scabs in order to protect the area and allow healing from the inside out. But not without leaving its mark well after its job is done. Once the scab dries and falls off, it often leaves behind a scar, which is essentially a web of tissue caused by the overproduction of collagen. When all goes according to plan, our bodies produce the perfect amount of collagen so that when the scab falls off, our scars fade within a few months. However, when there is too much collagen, abnormal, unsightly, noticeable scars can occur… and last!

While scars can vary from the barely there to the bold, you’re not destined to have them forever.

Instead try this!

TO DIY IT: Pick up a copy of The Recipe For Radiance, Alexis’ book that has a whole chapter on how to eat to promote scar healing from within, and all-natural remedies you can apply topically.

TO BUY IT: Try ScarAway Silicone Scar Sheets ($20.99), which shrink, flatten and fade scars using technology that has only been available, up until now, in hospitals, burn centers, and plastic surgeon offices. The treatment is completely non-invasive and easy to use. All you have to do is apply the adhesive side of the scar sheet directly over the scar. The scar sheets put slight pressure onto the scar which stimulates the natural barrier function of skin. This makes the scar look smaller and will restore the skin to its natural texture and color. For smaller areas, use ScarAway Daily Discs ($20.99) to hide the scar as it heals. Within a few days of use, you’ll see your scar start to soften. In a few weeks, you’ll see visible results!