Caffeinated Skincare Perks You Up, We Tell You How!

As mentioned in our Editor’s Picks this month, we started this year wanting to cut down on our coffee consumption. However, we have since reconsidered. Not only because March is National Caffeine Appreciation Month, but also because caffeine actually helps us Beautify, Sweat, Lust, Nourish and Pamper – and not just because it’s practically responsible for getting us out of bed in the morning. Rather, it’s caffeine’s skincare benefits that really have us excited this month.

Caffeine is a new hot ingredient in the skincare industry.  You may rely on it to perk up your mood in the morning, but now you can also rely on it to perk up your skin! It not only constricts blood vessels to reduce redness (making it an ideal topical treatment for facial flushing and rosacea) but also reduces puffiness (perfect for under the eyes) and can even temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite. Plus, recent studies (albeit on mice, but more research is coming!) have shown caffeine to prevent and repair sun damage! So keep those caffeinated eyes peeled for caffeine in your skincare finds.

The Beauty Bean’s Top Pampering Picks

For Cellulite Reduction:

Dermelect Lipo-Conquer Body Toning Cream, $45
With vitamins A, E and Ginkgo Biloba, (along with caffeine, of course,) this antioxidant-rich cream helps enhance elasticity, reinforce collagen fibers and reduce fatty deposits for firmer and smoother skin, free from the appearance of cellulite.

St. Ives Cellulite Shield Gel Crème, $7.99
With green tea, menthol, and citrus this anti-cellulite gel is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite in 2 weeks.

For Under Eye Darkness & Puffiness:

Dr. Brandt Flaws No More, $80
While pricey, this eye cream, with peptides, moisturizers and caffeine, reduces the appearance of under eye circles, puffiness and even wrinkles!

Origins GinZing, $29.50
Slightly tinted, this eye cream instantly reduces and conceals dark circles, bags and puffiness with caffeine, panax ginseng and magnolia extract for an 86% brighter appearance and 80% reduction in puffiness!

Patricia Wexler FastScription Instant De-Puff Eye Gel, $19.50
For those of you for whom puffiness is your biggest concern, use this gel under your eye cream for a firming and cooling effect that not only immediately reduces puffiness, but also has cumulative effects with continued use.

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Murad Essential-C Eye Cream SPF 15, $67
With the weather warming up and sun shining, SPF is even more important now that it was during the cold winter months when you were spending more time indoors. Plus, it will increase elasticity and reduce puffiness simultaneously while also softening the appearance of fine lines and under eye darkness with light diffusers.

Anthony Logistics For Men Eye Cream, $28
At The Beauty Bean we don’t like to leave out the guys in our lives. And while most products are unisex, for the men out there who want a product formulated just for them, this eye cream will moisturize, minimize under eye circles, reduce puffiness and lessen the appearance of fine lines.

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The Beauty Bean’s Top DIY Recipes

At The Beauty Bean we’re recession friendly and for those of you looking to cut back, you can realize the benefits of caffeine for your skincare from the comfort of your own kitchen!

With Coffee:

If you brew coffee daily, use the cooled ground to make a double-duty scrub that will exfoliate and reduce the appearance of cellulite at the same time. Just mix your cooled grounds with coconut oil (or any other oil you have at home) and, standing in the bath to reduce mess, rub the mixture on your thighs, hips and bottom in circular motions. It will exfoliate dead skin, promote circulation and help reduce the appearance of those pesky dimples.

With Tea:

If tea is more your style, after pouring your cup, allow the teabag to steep in an ounce of extra water for a concentrated brew you can use as a toner to reduce redness and even skintone. After, place the used tea bags in the fridge and, once cold, use them as eye compresses to reduce puffiness and under eye circles!

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Alexis Wolfer talks about the benefits on caffeinated skincare products on the CW’s PIX Morning News!
See the video below.