Is Chlorophyll The New Beauty Super Ingredient?

Beauty Food Spotlight: Is Chlorophyll The Latest Must Have Skincare Ingredient?

By Courtney Leiva

You probably remember studying chlorophyll in grade school science class, but who would have guessed that the same ingredient responsible for a plant’s green hue would be popping up in skincare – and to much acclaim?!

But it turns out that both adding chlorophyll to your diet (taking it internally in the form of a daily “shot,” if you will!) and adding it to your skincare can boost your skin’s beauty naturally!

The Benefits Of Chlorophyll For Skin 

As Joanna Vargas, Celebrity Facialist and Founder of Joanna Vargas Salon and Skincare Collection, explains, “Chlorophyll is an awesome supplement that makes you glow from the inside out. It is like having three servings of greens in one shot. I love it!”

And we all know how people with impeccable diets GLOW.

Buuuutttt assuming you don’t want to trade in your Kind Bars for kale, chlorophyll can bridge the gap.

Bottom line: if your diet’s not quite up to beauty-boosting par (hi, chocolate chip cookie…), Chlorophyll can help counter the effects, without having to make green juice a primary food group.

“If I have a client who doesn’t eat salad or drink green juices, I tell them to go to Whole Foods and buy liquid chlorophyll,” says Vargas. “It tastes like mint, it oxygenates the skin, keeps skin clean, works from the inside out see a huge difference in your skin in a matter of days. Drinking chlorophyll also helps drain out puffiness by stimulating the lymphatic system, so it’s also good for cellulite.”

How Chlorophyll Works To Boost Your Beauty

When you take a shot of chlorophyll, it increases red blood cells and the quality of red blood cells in the body, increasing the oxygen being delivered to all your cells, including your skin, actually helping prevent cells from mutating with the sun and pollution. “Liquid chlorophyll is also alkaline, explains Vargas, “so it’s better for your body’s health and high in anti-oxidants, making it an anti-inflammatory.”

How To Bring Some Chlorophyll To Your Skin 

Not into taking shots of the green stuff (although you really should give it a try!)? You can also apply chlorophyll topically for many of the same benefits!

Try these:

  • MDRejuvena Rejuvaphyl Ultra-Rich Hydration ($145), an intensely hydrating cream (best for dry or aging skin) that’s packed with anti-aging superstars (including chlorophyll, of course!) for healthier, more supple skin.
  • Joanna Vargas Daily Serum ($85) has hyaluronic acid, Vitamins A, C, and E, and, of course, chlorophyll to help prevent wrinkles, reverse hyper-pigmentation, and maintain skin elasticity.
  • Shiva Rose Sea Siren Body Scrub ($60) is formulated with mineral rich blue-green algae (wild harvested, from the mountains of Oregon!), which is packed with enzymes, vitamins, chlorophyll, amino acids, and fatty acids. Combined with skin soothing oils, this body scrub will ensure your whole body pampered!