How To Get Clear Skin STAT!

From blackheads to cysts, angry pimples to small raised bumps, how’s a girl to know the best way to treat each and have clear skin (other than by continuing to read, of course!)?

Sure, we have a bathroom full of anti-acne products ranging from scrubs to spot-treatments, salicylic acid to bezoyl peroxide, we when it comes to treating the latest skin imperfection in our never-ending quest for crystal clear skin, well, we were never confident that we really knew which to use when.

To get to the bottom of the often uttered, “how do I get rid of this thing on my face NOW?!” question, we turned to leading NYC dermatologist, Dr. Joshua Zeichner, to help us squeeze out the truth (pore humor… you can laugh later!) on the best ways to treat every kind of blemish.

The Fastest Way To Get Clear Skin

If you have red, angry pimples…
Look for a product with benzoyl peroxide, like Clean & Clear PERSA-Gel® 10, which kills the acne causing bacteria and subsequently helps reduce inflammation.

If you have deep-rooted cysts….
Fight back with a combination of both benzoyl peroxide and cortisone cream – benzoyl peroxide as above plus cortisone cream to reduce inflammation – if not improving visit you derm for a cortisone injection

If you have clogged pores or small white bumps…
Use a salicylic acid cleanser to helps exfoliate dead cells that block pores and remove excess oil from the skin.

If you have blackheads or white heads…
Try a leave-on salicylic acid product that can help open up the pimples and clear out oil that clog the pores.

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