This post is short and sweet. A love letter, if you will, for my beloved COR Soap.

Now, I know what you’re thinking… soap, really, how good could it really be?!

Well, let me tell you: f’ing amazing. Brialliant, in fact.

See, I’ve been a fan of bar facial cleansers for quite some time (Arcona Toner Tea Bar has long been a favorite) since, in removing the water content (which you add when you wet the bar, your hands and your face), facial cleansing bars are considerably more concentrated, last eons and make it through airport security without taking up valuable space in that oh-so-small ziplock baggie already brimming with liquefied beauty essentials. Moreover, they work.

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Recently, though, I got my fingers on COR Silver Soap and, well, I swooned. I recall trying this baby out a while ago but for some reason it slipped from my radar and boy do I regret that one. The soap removes every last trace of my makeup (even the gnarly foundation they put on me before TV appearances and, yes, even waterproof eye makeup), clears up breakouts (which I’ve started to get since I went off the pill, but we’ll chat about that another time!), and even lathers my skin with anti-aging benefits. The key: COR Soap’s mild pH level of 7.2, which means that it’s just as effective on troubled acne skin as it is on the most delicate and sensitive of skin as well as its teeny-tiny active ingredients, which are reduced to nano-particle-like size so they can reach deep below the skin’s surface (into the dermis layer of the skin) to kill bacteria, minimize wrinkles, moisturize and feed vital nutrients to your skin!

What I like best, though, is that you can make a little pore-clearing mask out of it by lathering it in your hands and leaving the suds to work their magic (and, yes, it is magic) for a few minutes! Making this a cleanser and mask in one… and you all know how I feel about 2-in-1 beauty products! (No? Well, I feel f’ing AMAZING about ’em!)

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Also worth noting, even the tiny little travel size bar seems to last ages. I. Mean. Ages. (Like weeks! Maybe even a month!) so while the price may be a little steep, trust me. It’s. Worth. Every. Single. Penny.

Cor Silver Soap, $15 – $125 at

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