Dark Spot Remedies: DIY Geishas’ Secret Toner For Bright, Even Skin

The Best Dark Spot Remedies For Age Spots + Sun Spots, Brought To You By AlexisRx

When we first launched AlexisRx, I got an email from my amazing Aunt Suzette (related by love, not blood – Savvy Auntie Style) saying:

“I have a problem. Every day when I awaken there is a new brown spot on my hands or arms (I’m getting old!).  What can I do?”

If you, too, are looking for the best dark spot remedies, here’s what you need to know…

While age spots are definitely connected with age (the people who name these things aren’t exactly original, huh?), there’s a reason many also call them sun spots: because, well, they have far more to do with your sun exposure than they do with your biological age.

While prevention is the best medicine (hello, sunscreen!), here’s an ancient Geisha secret that prevents melanin (the dark pigment) from forming and many claim is largely responsible for Geishas’ milky (and, yes, both age and sun spot free) complexions – and, yes, there’s science behind this too!

Ready to learn about the best in dark spot remedies? Watch this to find out more…