Detox Your Skin With Charcoal!

How To Detoxify Your Skin With Charcoal Beauty Products

By Courtney Leiva

Charcoal is one of nature’s most natural detoxifiers, so if you’re looking to remove some deep seated dirt or oil beneath your skin, adding some charcoal products to your beauty routine can give your skin that refreshing clean  feeling fast.

Absorbing acne causing bacteria and toxins from your skin, charcoal uses its special binding properties to get all the gunk out of your pores  with continued use.

Although it’s best used two times a week, (it tends to dry out skin if used too often) a lot of beauty brands are getting in on the charcoal action lately, incorporating the wonder ingredient in many new products.

From detoxifying cleansers to special toothbrushes, there’s literally a product for everyone wanting to detoxify with charcoal. Hey, it’s even becoming a fast relief for an oily scalp too, finding its way into special shampoos.

Being a health food store staple, you can buy some activated charcoal capsules at your local health food store and whip up your own DIY facial. But if you want half the hassle and no mess, we’re showing you three easy ways (and products!) to try out this new beauty craze. Whether you prefer fast-fixes or want some handy tools to hoard, check out our must-have picks of the moment.

The Best Charcoal Skincare Products

Charcoal always makes a great ingredient inside facial cleansers, as it takes your acne and blemish prevention to the next step. Sure, there are loads of charcoal cleansers on the market, but lately we’re loving the Biore Deep Pore Cleanser ($6.99) as it brings some necessary detoxification to your face, without breaking your budget. Plus, it uses state-of-the-art Japanese Skin Purifying technology, so you can say hello to maximum dirt and impurity removal pronto.

Want the benefits of charcoal more than once a day? Use the Boscia Black Charcoal Blotting Linens ($10) for a small detoxifying boost to your routine. Great for all those hot and humid summer days, these black bamboo charcoal infused blotting pads keep your face oil-free and feeling refreshed. Stash inside your purse or makeup bag for necessary relief all-day-long.

For another simple and easy beauty remedy, try using a charcoal infused konjac sponge for that fresh-washed clean. The My Konjac Sponge with Added Bamboo Charcoal ($10) uses super activated carbon and minerals  to sop up all excess oil and dirt fast. Unlike other facial cleansing tools, this gentle cleansing sponge doesn’t irritate, scratch, or dry out your face and it can be used with your favorite facial cleanser.