DIY Cleansing Oil Recipe

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (fine, maybe not “under a rock,” but definitely not on TheBeautyBean…) you’ve heard of all the benefits of using a cleansing oil.

Turns out (just in case you’re one of the aforementioned) that using oil to clean your face is actually the best way to remove oil-based products, dirt, grime, and sweat from your skin. And oil cleanser is way better at removing all that potentially pore-clogging sunscreen we know (er, hope!) you’re wearing daily.

How could oil remove oil, you ask? Like attracts like, so the oil cleanser will attract and extract and wash away all the oily grossness on your skin.

And considering that new studies say sunscreen (and, we can assume, other skincare products and makeup) can stay on your skin for several days after application, you’re really going to want to get down with the double wash and add an oil cleanser to your skincare routine.

Want a DIY cleansing oil? Try this recipe from Beauty Expert Indie Lee

DIY Cleansing Oil Recipe

½ oz organic jojoba oil
½ oz organic avocado oil
⅔ oz organic safflower oil
⅓ oz organic castor oil
3 drops of of vitamin e
2-3 drops essential oil, as desired

Combine all ingredients in a 2 oz container and shake well. Squeeze a pea sized amount onto hand or cleansing brush; massage into damp face to remove makeup and cleanse skin.

This will stay up to three months in a closed container.

You can modify the recipe by adding essential oils like tea tree, lavender, rosemary, clary sage, chamomile and borage – see Indie’s list of good ingredients for more information.

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