Do You Have Sun Damage? Find Out Here!

Whether you’re a sun-goddess who pines for her days baking in the sun (with SPF, we hope!) or a sun-phobic with an intense fear of wrinkles, sunspots, cancer and more (smart, very smart!) – it seems as if everyone here at The Beauty Bean is worried about sun damage. But how do you know if that tan will have long lasting effects or if those ten extra minutes spent in the sun will make you look ten years older down the road?

You turn to Dr. Bruce Katz, clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and Director of the JUVA Skin & Laser Center, of course! Because knowing whether or not you have damage is the first step in figuring out how to deal with it (and even reverse it!).

5 Signs of Sun Damage

Skin Dullness/Dryness. The most obvious sign is the lack of radiance and moisture.  Skin looks “weathered,” dehydrated and flaky.

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Texture Change. Constant sun exposure leads to the skin maintaining a “leather-like” look because of the depletion of collagen.

Age Spots. One of the most obvious signs of over exposure to the sun are the brown spots that pop up on the forehead, nose, temples, chest, shoulders and hands – areas most often exposed to the sun.

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Broken Capillaries. As the sun’s harmful rays come into contact with your skin, they break down the structural walls of the tiny blood vessels in the face. The more the walls are broken down, the more rupturing there is, resulting in red, broken capillaries.

Lines & Wrinkles. One of the most dreaded effects is skin aging.  The breakdown of collagen and elastin ultimately leads to the creation of fine lines and wrinkles.

Worried you have some serious sun damage? Start by lathering on the SPF daily, exfoliating regularly and stay tuned for our tips on reversing sun damage stat!

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