If you want your hands to be soft and supple, no matter the winter elements throw your way this season, let us give you a hand. We sat down with Ellen Sirot, a top hand model as well as the Founder and CEO of Hand Perfection to see how she keeps her hands ageless, hydrated and soft all winter long.

6 Tips For Healthy, Beautiful Hands

Limit Hand Washing. Water dehydrates hands, so while you should most certainly wash when needed, consider using household gloves when you can both to keep hands out of water as much as possible (like when washing dishes) and to keep hands clean (like when gardening) to limit the need to wash hands as often.

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Toss The Soap & Anti-Bacterial Gel. Though we live in a germy world, conventional soaps and alcohol-based gels seriously dry out the skin, causing irritation and ultimately skin aging. Instead, look for a gentle, sulfate-free cleanser that will help to keep hands hydrated while washing.

Moisturize Often. After exposing your hands to water, gently pat hands dry and apply a dollop of hand cream while skin is still damp to lock in moisture. Look for your hand cream to include hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, antioxidants, Shea butter and essential fatty acids for the most effective hydration possible. Keep a tube in your handbag, one near your desk and one at your sink, so you remember to apply throughout the day (kind of like putting on lip gloss!).

Care for Cuticles. Each day, gently push back your cuticles with a washcloth in the shower, while they’re soft and supple, which will discourage the need to cut them. Also, gently massage a cuticle oil or vitamin E oil once daily with a soft pusher to help push back cuticles, and keep them off nails. This is an especially important step in winter to replenish dry, brittle nails and rough, jagged cuticles.

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Adopt a Nighttime Routine. Like you do when applying night cream to your face, capitalize on the body’s circadian rhythms to give the skin of your hands an overnight boost while not in use! Look for a product that contains Licorice Root (to help fade sun spots) as well as hyaluronic acid, aloe, vitamins B and Vitamin C.

Protect Hands from Elements. Wear warm wool or leather gloves when the thermometer drops to protect hands from the elements and keep moisture from escaping. Also, always use sunscreen when headed outdoors without gloves, even in the cold months.

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