How To Heal Dry Skin Fast!

By Courtney Leiva

The harsh and cold winter can be really cruel to our skin. And we when we say cruel, we mean absolutely beauty-busting brutal.

To fight back against all these polar vortexes, here are 6 sensational skincare lusts sure to show windburn, windchill and sub arctic temperatures who’s boss and get your skin ready for spring ahead.

5 Ways To Heal The Dry Skin On Your Body

For Soothing Moisture…If your dry skin is looking and feeling less than short-shorts ready, add Tammy Fender Bulgarian Lavender Body Oil ($65) to your daily routine. Whether you use on your body and hands, enjoy pure and necessary moisture with this holistic oil which also calms the mind and the spirit. Mix with your body lotions and facial creams for best results.

For A Hot Bath…the Aveeno Soothing Bath Treatment ($6.99) makes a great end-of-day treatment to soothe irritated, itchy dry skin fast with a formula of natural colloidal oatmeal. Simply pour some into a hot bath, relax, and enjoy how soft and smooth your dry skin will feel after.

How To Heal Dry Skin… With Coconut Oil

For Intensive Moisture…nothing gets the job done better than the Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair ($4.07), which provides fast-acting relief and even stands tall against those dry skin patches that won’t let up.

For Sensitive Skin…try the Dr. Weil For Origins Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Soothing Treamtent Lotion ($31) which employs a mega-mushroom blend to soothe, comfort, and hydrate dry skin with continued use. Plus, it’s always gentle even on the most irritable of dry skin, so no need to worry about unwanted reactions or blemishes.

For A Handy Salve…stash this Coco Kind Organic All-Purpose Salve ($10.99) inside your purse or gym bag. It’s not only perfectly portable, but it’s also a great multitasker: nourishing dry skin, hair, nails, and lips!

For Minty Refreshment… the Dr. Bronners Magic Organic Body Balm Peppermint ($4.99) works great on chapped cuticles and chapped lips as its protecting and brightening formula leaves dry skin as good as new.

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