Easy DIY Facial Recipe for Acne, Aging & Dullness

3 Easy At-Home Face Mask Recipes For Your Skincare Needs

When a luxurious facial is on your wish list – but not in your budget – a quick trip to your kitchen (or the grocery store) can do the trick, perfectly. Want to reduce facial redness, clear up acne, exfoliate away dullness and moisturize away wrinkles? Here’s how to do it!

How To Make An At-Home Facial Mask:

To start… make yourself a DIY facial and make a fully customized face mask perfectly tailored to your skincare needs, naturally and affordably. Start with a small container of full-fat plain Greek yogurt. No matter your skin type, full-fat plain Greek yogurt will help to gently exfoliate because of its lactic acid and moisturize because of its natural fats.

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If you have dry skin… add a tablespoon of organic honey, which acts as a humectant – meaning it helps bring the hydrating properties of the yogurt past your skin barrier for a deeper hydration.

If you have acne… add 1/4 of a mashed ripe banana, which contains vitamins B2, B6 and B12 to not only help reduce skin inflammation but also make the skin supple and soft.

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If you have aging, dull skin… add 2 tablespoons of ground, raw oats or walnuts. (Just pulse oats of walnuts in your blender until a sand-like consistency.) Apply to your face for 15 minutes before gently scrubbing in soft, circular motions.

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