Eggshell Membrane: The Latest Anti-Aging Powerhouse?!

Is Eggshell Membrane The Key To Youthful Skin?

When it comes to keeping your skin looking youthful, it’s all about encouraging cell turnover. And while retinols do a great job of promoting skin cell rejuvenation both by loosening the outer most layer of (generally dull) skin cells and promoting the formation of newer, younger skin cells below, to really see a difference you need to get aggressive and, well, that more often than not leaves you looking like a snake shedding its skin in the process.

It’s why many women choose to go the route of a one-and-done (for a period of time, anyway!) chemical peel: because you may end up holed up indoors for a few days of aggressive peeling, but then it’s done – unlike with consistent use of retinols which can leave your skin dry and flakey (albeit FAR less so than with a chemical peel) for much, much longer.

But what if the peeling once thought to be a necessary part of the “my retinols are working!” process wasn’t necessary at all?

That’s what world renowned dermatologist Dr. Nicholas Perricone suggests with his latest launch from Perricone MD, OVM Serum ($155).

The secret ingredient: real eggshell membrane!

“The eggshell membrane is the thin layer between the egg white and the eggshell, designed by nature with the perfect matrix of components to nourish and protect the precious egg components,” says Perricone. Combined with his proprietary carrier system, DMAE, and the anti-aging powerhouse retinol, the OVM Serum provides all the benefits of retinol with zero inflammation thanks to the eggshell membrane.

The key here: the proprietary carrier system so, no, rubbing egg shells on your face won’t do the trick. Although, if you’re into egg-based beauty treatments (and you should be!), check out this Easy DIY Facial Recipe for Acne, Aging & Dullness!