With brow therapists who have all gone through mandatory, rigorous training for 4-8 weeks at Browhaus school in Singapore, you can rest assured that the technicians at Browhaus are well equipped with the best skills in the brow business. Hoping to tap into their brow beautifying brains for a bit, we talked with Cynthia Chua, the founder of Browhaus, in order to bring the best in brows to you, whether you can make it to their lux, global salons (with locations in London, Singapore, Bangkok, Manila, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong) or are more of a DIY kinda gal.


If we’re unable to make it to a pro for shaping, what should keep in mind when DIYing it?

We strongly advise all brow grooming to be done by a trained professional. That being said, if heading to a pro isn’t an option, don’t attempt to shape your brows yourself. If necessary, neaten your brows yourself by tweezing stray hairs from under your brows (never tweeze the top). Do it after a warm shower when your pores are open; make sure the brow area, hands and tools are clean; tweeze in a well-lit location, with a sharp pair of tweezers and a good mirror; tighten the skin and tweeze in the direction of hair growth with a small, sharp movement, one strand at a time. Perhaps most importantly, don’t pluck more than 2 or 3 hairs from an eyebrow before switching to the other side and stepping back from the mirror to have a look at the overall effect.

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What should we do if we’ve over-plucking 1 brow? Should we “even them out”?

Over plucking is a common problem for DIY brows, so do be very careful! It can take months for eyebrows to grow back. If over-plucking happens, though, don’t attempt to even them out. Put down the tweezers and consult a professional who can help improve the look of your over plucked brows with what we at Browhaus call Browgraphy (a dual treatment that includes Brow Construction with threading and or tweezing as well as Colour Tweaking where 100% vegetable dyes are used to color the brows).

Whether we have 1 that’s too thin or 2, what can we do right now to make them look better if we can’t get to a pro?


Start with a good quality brow powder (such as our Pick ‘N’ Mix Perfect Brow Kit, available in Jan 2011) for a soft, natural look. For the more experienced, use a brow pencil to draw in 3D strand like hairs using gentle, feathery strokes to draw in the hair strand by strand. Make sure you use a tone that is close to the brow color and be very gentle. For people who don’t have steady hands, try a brow mascara to make the brows look fuller.  You can also make an appointment for our signature Brow Resurrection!

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At Browhaus you’re known for your Brow Resurrection. How does it “resurrect” our brows?

Brow Resurrection (US$1000-1400) is a natural, semi-permanent eyebrow enhancement. It is perfect for sparse eyebrows or the reconstruction of a new brow shape. We use a unique, patented application tool to produce realistic, 3D hair. It starts with a full consultation and then the perfect brow shape for your face is drawn on. Once you are satisfied with the shape and thickness, the therapist will recommend the most suitable color for your new brows. The brow area will then be numbed and strands, which mimic real hair, will be scratched lightly into the surface of the skin. Then pure vegetable dye is applied to give you the perfect shade. You won’t have to touch an eyebrow pencil for up to two years!

If Brow Resurection isn’t for us, what else can we do to get our own brows to grow faster? Do you recommend lash growth products?

Yes! We definitely recommend using a lash grow serum on your brows.  Browhaus Eye Lash Perfection (US$32) is a special lash formula that conditions, strengthens and promotes hair growth – and it will work the same magic on your brows. Before you apply the serum, massage the brow area gently in circular motion to increase blood flow in order to stimulate hair growth. Your diet will also play a role in the hair growth rate, so make sure you consume food that are high in protein, iron and vitamins B and C, such as lean meats, vegetables, citrus fruits and dairy products.

And make sure that you do not attempt to shape your own brows anymore!

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