Find The Best Facial Cleansers For You

By Courtney Leiva

Washing your dry and chapped face may be somewhat tortuous during the cold and icy winter months, but once you find the right facial cleansers, you’ll find that your daily wash won’t irritate or set off your delicate (and flaky!) complexion.

To find your best facial cleansers, look for a wash best suited to address your skincare needs. Got acne? Try a gentle yet balancing cleanser for everyday protection. Need to soothe sensitive skin? Look for a botanically based formula made with all natural ingredients. No matter your skincare story, we’ve got ah-mazing picks for supple, smooth winter-proof skin.

8 Facial Cleansers For Dry Winter Skin

For Sensitive Skin… the Dr. Andrew Weil For Origins Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Face Cleanser ($30) removes impurities while treating highly sensitive skin with natural ingredients like Reishi mushrooms, ginger, and holy basil.

For A Cleansing Oil…turn to the Kari Gran Cleansing Oil, ($30) as it protects and balances skin with a harmonious blend of organic precious oils.

For Relief Against Acne…grab the Obagi CLENZIderm M.D. Daily Care Foaming Cleanser ($38). This is one of the few acne-treating facial cleansers we’ve tried that not only wards away acne and acne-causing bacteria, but also is ultra gentle on the skin.

For That Everyday Wash…use the Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash ($6.99) which employs special vitamins for a healthy clean each and every day.

For That Nourishing Deep Cleanse…try the TULA Purifying Face Cleanser ($25), which uses probiotics and other ingredients to provide essential hydration and remove deep-seated impurities beneath the skin.

For A Budget-Friendly Find…trust the Dr. Lin Daily Cleanser ($7.49) to purify clogged pores and reduce inflammation.

For A Holistic Wash…put the Aubrey Calming Skin Therapy Cleanser ($14.95) on your beauty wish list, as it uses organic ingredients that you can actually pronounce.

For Makeup Removal To The Max…we love Lush Ultrabland Cleanser ($16.95-$29.95) as it removes even the most stubborn mascara and foundation easily with its blend of essential oils, honey, and beeswax.

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