By Chrissy Callahan

The word “mask” sometimes gets a pretty bad rep (think: criminals, doctors and Halloween, oh my!). But in our world (the world of beauty, of course) the word mask is met with delight. You see, we’re big fans of self-pampering here at The Beauty Bean and masks (whether they be for your face or your hair) help us do just that.

And while they sometimes make us look a little funny, facial masks in particular are super helpful if you want to show off your best skin possible. To help you all get glowing, smooth skin, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite masks of the moment. Read on, beauties, and prepare to make some space in your bathroom cabinet for these little babies.

Om Pur Honey-Cacao Moisturizing Mask,
Ok, need we really explain the pure joy of a chocolate mask? Yeah, the name pretty much says it all. But to give you a taste of it (we couldn’t resist!) here it goes: From the minute we opened this jar and smelt its chocolatey goodness to the time we slathered it all over our face, we went into Willy Wonka mode. This mask smells and looks just like chocolate and it does a fantastic job of moisturizing and protecting skin with its antioxidant-filled formula.

Glōtherapeutics Conditioning Restorative Mask, $50 at
Keeping up the great-smelling mask theme, let us tempt you with this cherry licorice-smelling treat. It took us a minute to realize what it smelt like, but after having several family members smell our face (a bit odd, yes), we came to a unanimous decision. And it doesn’t just smell great, this little baby also seriously hydrated our dry skin. Plus, we’re really digging the antioxidant ingredients it boasts.

SKINSYNC Brightening Peel, $85 at
Normally the word “peel” brings up pretty unpleasant mental associations in our mind (sunburned peeling skin, anyone?) but skin peels are another story. Since we know that peels can drastically improve the appearance of our skin when used regularly, we like to treat ourselves to them once in awhile. But since in-spa treatments don’t always come cheap, it’s sometimes nice to pamper at home with a nice peel. This professional 2-step treatment helps improve skin tone, rejuvenate sun-damaged skin, and brighten the appearance of skin, all from the comfort of your own home.

A few more at-home chemical peels we love!

Murad Complete Reform With Glyco Firming Complex, $67 at
We’re huge fans of real beauty here at The Beauty Bean, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like to prevent unnecessary wrinkles as much as the next gal. To help attack fine lines and sagging skin before they hit, we’ve discovered that a bit of prevention is necessary from an early age, and that’s why we like this treatment so much. Upon first use, skin is instantly firmed (in fact, according to Murad, this product is clinically demonstrated to increase firmness by 61% after just one application!) and over time, skin texture is improved. Not too bad, huh?

Myfaceworks I Need To Bring Out My Youth Mask, $55 at
Anything made out of 100% silk is usually a-ok with us, and this mask is no exception. This wonder worker helps battle fine lines and reverse signs of skin damage, and is suitable for all skin types. Plus, it comes in a handy portable box that you can easily take with you while you’re traveling.

Want a brighter complexion? Try this DIY Lemon & Turmeric Mask Recipe!