Facial Oils: Because Your Skin Is Dry As F*ck

6 Facial Oils Your Dry Skin Is Craving

Skin so dry it hurts? Yeah, you need to add oil your skincare routine. (And, no, it won’t make you break out!)

The key: using pore-safe facial oils that hydrate and protect.

Unsure where to start?

Here are some of our current favorites…

6 Spectacular Facial Oils For Dry Skin

John Masters Organics Pomegranate Facial Nourishing Oil ($30)
This non-greasy, non-comedogenic face oil is packed with protective Vitamin C, rejuvinating Vitamin A, and 12 organic plant and essential oils to hydrate and fight aging free radicals. While it’s formulated for all skin types, we especially love this for those of you with sun or age spots in order to hydrate and even skintone.

Avalon Organics Intense Defense Antioxidant Oil ($19.99)
Want to prevent the signs of aging before they even start? This oil is for you! The vegan, non-GMO, antioxidant-packed blend of apricot, raspberry, and argan oils (paired with Vitamin C, white tea, and lemon bioflavonoids too!) is quickly absorbed to lock in moisture and protect skin from the effects of UV rays and pollution, both of which cause premature signs of skin aging.

Acure Rosehip Oil ($12.99)
Rose fruit seeds (AKA the hips), are packed with fatty acids that revive dullness and even skin tone. This oil’s naturally low pH and its hefty boost of vitamin E make it especially well-suited for reducing the appearance of dark spots or skin discoloration. It’s also really quickly absorbed for all you who hate the feel of oil.

Nude ProGenius Rescue Oil ($88)
Skin losing volume? Try NUDE Skincare’s ProGenius Firming Youth Oil. It’s enriched pear extract to defend skin from environmental stressors, peacock’s tail algae extract to support the skin’s natural plumping ability, and passion fruit extract to defend against free radicals. The result: plump skin with a beautiful, dewy glow.

Odacite Green Tea +Lemongrass ($39)
If your skin looks dry even when loaded up with lotion, it’s time to add this serum to your skincare routine. With radiance-boosting camellia seed oil (an active source of plant collagen extracted from the seeds of green tea and thought to be the beauty secret behind geishas radiance) and tightening and refining lemongrass to refine sluggish, lackluster skin, this oil is everything sallow skin needs to perk right up.

Elemis Superfood Facial Oil ($72)
Formulated with a blend of highly concentrated plant-based superfoods (think: sweet almond oil, flaxseed, broccoli, carrot, and more!), this  deeply nourishing and hydrating facial oil is like a a multi-vitamin for your skin. Used daily, Elemis’s Superfood Facial Oil boosts moisture, enhanced suppleness, and protects against oxidative stress both immediately and over time.

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