Skin Worse After A Facial? Skip The Steam!

Facial Tip: Skip The Steam For Better Results

Whether your knowledge of facials comes from the movies or a monthly appointment, you likely know the drill – and it involves steam, presumably to open our pores and make extractions easier.

But what if steaming your skin prior to extractions is actually a terrible idea?!

When we visited Celebrity Esthetician and L’Oréal Paris Brand Ambassador Vanessa Hernandez for a facial in her Beverly Hills office we were initially surprised to find out that her signature facial is steam-free. But with a list of devotees that includes Gwyneth Paltrow, Jenna Dewan, Jessica Chastain, and Claire Danes, we were apt to hang on her every word – and that work was clear:  avoid steam at all costs!

“Most estheticians will use steam to open up the pores and soften the skin, prior to extractions, which is the typical protocol. But the truth is, when you use steam, sure, it does open up the pores, but it also causes the skin to become very soft and extremely delicate, (almost paper like) which can cause it to tear or rip very easily, when applying pressure during extractions,” Vanessa told us.

The problem with squeezing this super-soft skin is two-fold. First, it can cause “pink or brown marks on the skin which can then turn into hyperpigmentation,” and second, it can prevent the extraction from being complete. “When doing a proper extraction, the goal is to get the root of the infection out, or what I like to call, the seed. Once the seed is out the pore can tighten back up and become a happy healthy pore. If any of the seed or bacteria is left inside of the pore, then the pimple or blackhead can become reinfected and become filled again.” And squeezing steamed skin can prevent your esthetician from getting to the root of your pimple.

So, tell us, will you ask your esthetician to skip the steam at your next facial? (We will!)