By Alix Turoff

Our readers know that we like to go makeup free as often as we can and with summer coming, having a fresh face is more important than ever. Who wants to wear a heavy foundation to the beach? Sometimes, though, the excitement of the summer gets the best of us and we spend late nights out, imbibing and not getting enough sleep, then repeating the next day. This schedule can really take a toll on the eyes. You’ve heard that the eyes are the windows to the soul, which is why you don’t want yours to be puffy and plagued with dark circles! We tested and found the best eye products whether you need a quick fix or want to ensure bag-free eyes for good.

If you need a quick fix…

For instant coverage… It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye ($24) concealer is the best bet for summer. It’s waterproof and moisturizing, so it won’t dry out the skin, and the formula is so highly pigmented that all we needed was a little powder to set it (no foundation needed). Plus, the concealer is formulated with collagen and vitamins K, A, C, E which work to reduce puffiness and under eye discoloration so it’s working to heal and moisturize as it’s offering coverage.

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For a cooling touch… We’re obsessed with Estee Lauder’s Idealist Cooling Eye Illuminator ($58) which is the best at reducing puffiness around the eye area and refreshing our entire look. The applicator feels cool on the skin and is perfect for those times where you just need to brighten sleepy eyes or refresh yourself after a long day. The cream is not greasy at all and after 2 weeks we saw a huge difference in our under eye area.

For a revitalizing boost… Your eyes are the first place to show the effects of a sleepless night but rather than reaching for a shot of espresso or another Red Bull, instead pick up Borghese’s Botanico Eye Compresses ($51). They’ll not only give you just the boost your looking for (without the jitters of caffeine) but also will naturally improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles because of the formula’s anti-inflammatory properties. Just 5 minutes is all you need for a complete energy boost and a renewed look.

If you’re thinking long term…

To increase elasticity… Lather Toning Eye Gel With Vitamin K ($28) is formulated with Niacin and Vitamin K which work to restore elasticity to the eye area, lessen the appearance of dark circles and revitalize puffy eyes. For best results, keep it refrigerated when not in use! And don’t forget to get your 8 hours of sleep girls!

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For wrinkle reduction… If wrinkles around the eyes are your primary issue, try Priori Smoothing Eye Serum ($66). It will lessen the appearance of fine lines with its Lactic acid complex, while firming the eye area with collagen and decreasing puffiness with caffeine. We also found that this serum left the skin around our eyes feeling really smooth and well hydrated. Perfect to apply after a day in the sun!

For dark under eye circles… By improving the circulation of collagen, EGF Reactivator Triple Action Eye Complex ($65), will help to eliminate dark circles and puffiness over time. Apply twice daily improve the appearance of wrinkles, moisturize and lighten unsightly under eye bags.

For an all-in-one… If healthier and younger looking skin is your goal, Neocutis Lumiere Bio-Restorative Eye Cream with PSP ($80) is a must have for your medicine cabinet. This eye cream was extremely gentle and is free of fragrance and colorants. The PSP complex works to reduce dark circles and puffiness leaving the eyes softer and the skin more moisturized, taking years off of your age.

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