By Alix Turoff

Your feet brave the snow for you, they help you run off that extra martini that you really shouldn’t have had last night, they cooperate when you force them into 6 inch heels…let’s just say they do a lot for you, which is why you should treat them with some much needed R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Sure, Uggs are pretty feet friendly for the winter, but what about those times where you just want to chill in your house and let your feet breathe? Or when you want your feet to look sandal-ready without spurging on a spa pedicure that you really don’t need until the weather begins to warm? Or what about when you do go for that much needed pedicure and need to let your polish dry? And how about a few months from now when you’re ready to break out your Spring wardrobe and you need a little somethin’, somethin’ to go with those cut-off shorts? For all of these reasons, we’re loving the new shoes from Flip Flop Spa Complete ($59 at

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Flip Flop Spa was created by a woman who loves her flip flops as much as the next girl but didn’t want to settle for any old pair. She wanted to invent a flip flop that would not only provide the convenience of a sandal but also the feeling of clean, smooth and healthy feet – and that she did!

When you wear Flip Flop Spa shoes, you exfoliate, moisturize and clean your feet as you walk. With interchangeable treatment pads that fit perfectly into the flip flops, Flip Flop Spa sandals clean and exfoliate dead skin with their abrasive pads, hydrate with their moisturizing pads and provide cushion with their comfort pads. You will not only notice smoother and healthier feet with each step – but also save a bundle on pedicures!

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Worried about cleanliness? Don’t! Let’s face it, shoes aren’t exactly the cleanest things ever (not to gross you out, but they’re full of sweat and bacteria which could lead to all kinds of yuckiness we won’t go into that) but with Flip Flop Spa it’s easy to ensure your shoes stay clean. The pads can be washed with soap and water, the kit comes with antibacterial sprays you can use as often as you like and, because the pads are disposable, you can swap them out as often as you like! Still not convinced? The sparkle carry pouch that comes with the set is a super cute way to carry the pads with you wherever you may go!

Bottom Line: Don’t ignore your feet all winter long (but don’t spend a fortune on pricey pedicures). Instead, walk your way to better feet with Flip Flop Spa ($59 at – for a year of soft soles for less than the price of a single spa pedicure.

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