Prevent + Heal Sun Damage With These 5 Foods

5 Foods That Give You Sun Protection From The Inside Out

Whether you’re preparing for a long day spent basking in the sun – or paying the price after the fact – it’s time you hit the kitchen to protect and heal your sun damage form the inside out.

Not because aloe won’t help. But because it’s not enough. And if we’re about anything here at TheBeautyBean, it’s beauty from the inside out!

So we asked Dr. Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas, 3-time Harvard educated, more-awards-than-we-can-count winning, NYC-based dermatologist, to fill us in on how we can prevent and heal sun damage from the inside out.

5 Foods To Prevent + Heal Sun Damage

Green Tea. Spending lots of time in the sun? Green tea provides your skin with photo-protection from the sun’s radiation, blocking UV lights that cause skin tumors. Drink two glasses daily for sun protection from the inside out.  

Tomatoes. Worried about the aging effects of the sun? Load up on tomatoes, which contain lycopene, known to increase collagen levels in your skin boosting elasticity.

Pomegranates. Containing Ellactic Acid and anti-inflammatories which protect against UV light, pomegranates add an extra layer of protection to exposed skin cells.

Salmon. High in Vitamin D, salmon increases your tolerance to the sun, defending against deadly cancers. Plus, topical sunscreen prevents your body from absorbing Vitamin D from the sun, so loading up on salmon will help your body to replenish it. (Need a recipe idea? Try Ingrid Hoffmann’s Mango + White Ginger Chutney with Salmon Recipe!)

Dark Chocolate. If you’ve already been exposed to too much sun, reach for the dark chocolate to help jump start your healing process. Turns out, when your skin is sunburnt your body protects itself by increasing blood flow and eating dark chocolate improves your blood circulation.