Fragrance Sets For Scent Sluts

Fragrance Floozies, This Is For You

Buying just one fragrance never quite cuts it for us.

Sure, some women find one they love and it becomes their signature scent, but for the rest of us, this level of commitment is just too much! Instead of plunking down a million dollars (fine, not a million, but a lot!) on a variety of perfumes you’ll spritz a bit of here and there, why not purchase fragrance minis so you can dabble in a whole collection for cheap (well, cheaper…)?

That’s what we’re doing and, well, think you should at least consider joining us. It’s a fragrance adventure and we’re welcoming you to come along for the ride!

3 Fragrance Sets For Perfume Sluts

Clean Reserve Discovery Layering Set ($22)
This set of 9 mini (and perfect for travel!) scents can be worn alone or layered in pretty much any combination, though it comes with a cheat-sheet of 6 perfumer-approved blends for those of us less trusting of our noses! Thinking ahead, this is also sure to be one of our go-to stocking stuffers too.

Demeter Destination Collection ($45)
Dreaming of a vacation but it’s not in the cards? Transport yourself with the power of scent with this international collection featuring scents reminiscent of Ireland, Cuba, and New Zealand. You may not get a stamp in your passport but this fragrance set is just about as close as $45 can get you. Other than maybe buying $45 worth of lottery tickets, but this is less risky.

Byredo Floral Set ($145)
If you, like, well, everyone we know with a nose, love everything Byredo but can’t pick a favorite fragrance you’d like to plop down $150 on, this set is for you! In this special edition set of six iconic floral Byredo scents (in a collector’s box, of course), you’ll get a .4 fl oz spray bottle of Blanche, Bal d’Afrique, La Tulipe, Flowerhead, Rose of No Man’s Land, and Inflorescence, making this ideal for Byredo fans looking for a travel friendly option, those of us who love to layer and customize, and those of us like to mix us our fragrances on the regular.

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