From Caterpillar to Butterfly: A Skincare Secret with an Equally Impressive Result

How to Transform Your Skin From Drab to Fab with Milkseed Oil

By Alexis Wolfer

It seems like every woman we know has a complaint about her skin. Over and over again we hear women complain that it’s too dry. It’s too greasy. It’s combination so I don’t know how to treat. It’s too sensitive. It’s too splotchy. It’s too dark. It’s too light. It’s too uneven. It’s discolored. It’s breaking out. It’s peeling. It’s sun damaged. It’s dull. It’s (fill in the blank here). The. List. Goes. On. And on. And on.

How to determine your skintype

But just think: in only 12 days (that’s less than 2 weeks!) caterpillars transform from icky insects to beautiful butterflies, so why can’t you?

(Are you having an ah-ha moment yet?)

Think of the transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly as the modern day take on the ugly duckling story. Or maybe it’s the ancient take on the story – but really, who even cares? Not us! (So long as we’re on the butterfly/swan side of the equation anyway.) So, what causes the transformation? The milkweed plant, on which caterpillars spend 12 days before transforming into monarch butterflies.  In fact, Milkweed is the only plant caterpillars can consume in order to complete their transformation from bug to beauty.

10 Days To A Happier You

Taping into nature’s biggest beauty secret, world-renowned skincare expert (and, for full disclosure, my NYC-based facialist), Andrea DeSimone, is bringing the 12-day skincare transformation from forest to face with her line of Milkseed Oils ($45 each at Andrea’s 100% organic Milkseed Oil is a powerful anti-aging, anti-acne, balancing and hydrating super-antioxidant serum that transforms your skin from dull and dry, or oily, or acne-prone, or wrinkly, or red, or discolored, or anything else that’s less than ideal to the most beautiful version of your skin that you can imagine. Plus, it has a natural SPF 10, making it an ideal layer under your usual sunscreen – especially because of its anti-pore clogging abilities. Oh, and it’s hypoallergenic and it prevent razor bumps, razor burns and ingrown hairs and it reduced facial redness, evens skintone and prevents breakout.

The Milkseed Oils come in seasonal blends (with a dash of jojoba, seabuckthorn or castor oils based on the season) to keep your skin balanced all year long – no matter how dramatic the weather gets. Use jut 3-5 drops on your skin both morning and night and experience your own 12-day transformation. (And just think: you’re starting off waayyy better off than a worm-like caterpillar, so just imagine the results you could see!)

Think of this as your fairytale ending.

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