Last week we had the opportunity to ask the ever-gorgeous Gabrielle Union some questions while she was with Neutrogena in Miami in support of the brand’s Buy 1 + Donate 1 program, which helps spread awareness for sun education and sun safe behaviors.

Being the sun protection crazies that we are (and being forever in awe of Gabrielle’s ridiculously ageless skin), we felt it our responsibility to all of womankind to ask her about her skincare secrets – and how she protects her skin from the sun.

Think the secret to her forever-young beauty is in pricey Hollywood facials or $100+ night creams? Think again!

Rather, Gabrielle Union‘s beauty secrets can be found in her kitchen (Recipe For Radiance style!) and at your local drugstore!

Watch the video below to learn how she heals her skin after picking a pimple (yup, she does it too!), and her advice for darker skinned women when it comes to sun protection.

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