Healthy Deodorant… That Works!

Studies can’t seem to agree on whether or not antiperspirants are bad for our health. Or just how bad they may be.

Some say not to sweat it (hehe, we couldn’t resist!), others warn of the consequences of blocking our detoxifying sweat glands with harmful chemicals.

No matter where you fall on the spectrum, though, the fact is: healthier is always better.

So, this summer, we’re upgrading our deodorant to The Healthy Deodorant and reaping the rewards. (Don’t worry, we’re leaving the stink at home.)

What’s our secret? Lavanila Laboratories’ The Healthy Deodorant ($14 for a full size, $8 for travel). It’s packed with the stuff that works (like Lichen, Lemon and Tea Tree oils which prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria) and free of the stuff that potentially harms (like aluminum, paragons, talc, phthalates and triclosan). Better yet, it’s also loaded with skin nourishing and irritation-soothing ingredients (like goji berry, Japanese honeysuckle and aloe vera) to ensure your arm pits feel, well, far from the pits! Oh, and it comes in 5 delicious scents, including the brand new Vanilla Summer.

Get sweaty. Not stinky.

Lavanila Laboratories’ The Healthy Deodorant, $14 for a full size, $8 for travel at

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