By Alexis Wolfer

Designed to increase circulation, stimulate facial muscles and energize the skin’s appearance, Re-Nutriv Ultimate Energy-Lift Massage is the perfect way to energize your skin for the day ahead or relax your face for a restful night’s sleep. Sure, we’re partial to using this delivery technique in conjunction with Estee Lauder’s new Re-Nutriv Ultimate Life Age Correcting Collection, (which boasts of the brand’s most dramatic age-correcting results ever,) but really any moisturizer will benefit from this unique application system.

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Here, Estee Lauder shows us how to give ourselves an Energy-Lift Massage, at home!

Apply. Dab moisturizer on face and then gently and evenly spread moisturizer of choice on your face and neck in upward and outward movements.

Massage. Starting from the center of your chin, massage slowly up your jaw line in gentle, circular motions, ending at the lower ear. Repeat twice. Then, starting at the corners of your mouth and using the same small, gentle, circular motions, massage along the base of your cheekbone, ending at the middle ear. Again, repeat this twice. Repeating the same motion, massage from the side of your nose, over your cheekbone, ending at your temple. Repeat two times. Finally, use a gentle, upward motion to massage your neck using the left hand to massage the right side of the neck and visa versa.

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Activate energy points. Press gently and hold for up to 1 minute on the outer eye (by the top of the cheekbone), cheek (under the cheekbone, by the jaw) and chin (under the corners of the mouth).

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