If dry skin’s got you down, put down the lotion and head to the kitchen!

Coconut oil, which is both great to have on hand for its dietary benefits (studies show it can help to burn belly fat!), as well as a great DIY remedy for dry skin.

Coconut oil is all natural and loaded with skin moisturizing fats. But what really makes this tropical oil stand out from other oils (like olive, avocado, and more) is that it’s loaded with lauric acid, which helps to gently and naturally exfoliate your skin. Meaning it helps to break down the dead skin cells on the outer most layer of your body (the same ones that are dull and dry!), to help reveal younger, healthier looking skin. Plus, it makes the moisturizing benefits penetrate more deeply.

As an added bonus, coconut oil is antibacterial and antimicrobial too, so you can apply it to acne-prone skin as well.

The only negative: it’s pretty greasy, so apply it at night and give it time to soak in before getting in bed. And, as with any moisturizer without sun protection, be sure to apply SPF too.

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