How To Pick Deodorant Based On Your Astrological Sign

The Best Deodorant For You, Based On Your Horoscope!

Buying a new deodorant may seem pretty mindless. Maybe you have brand loyalty. Perhaps you only look at price. Potentially you open up every deodorant on the shelf and take a whiff to find your perfect scent (just us?!).

But what if buying deodorant were ruled by something bigger. MUCH bigger. Like the universe?!

Rose Theodora, an astrologer in Los Angeles thinks it just might be!

(For all you skeptics out there – before you roll your eyes, know this: Rose not only has an extensive background in astrological research and writing and a killer intuition, she also has a degree from UCLA in neuroscience and art history.)

We had the pleasure of meeting Rose at Enamel Diction, a Los Angeles nail salon where she offers “colorastrology,” or insights into picking your perfect nail polish hue based on your horoscope. There, she not only helped steer our nail polish choice but also, in partnership with Dove, gave us insight into our ideal deodorant scent based our on astrological sign. And, well, as the weather heats up and your deodorant becomes infinitely more important, we figured you should have the inside scoop on picking the perfect deodorant for your astrological sign too!

So, without further ado, here’s what Rose shared…

How To Choose Perfect Deodorant For Your Astrological Sign

Pisces: Soothing Chamomile
Pisces are sensually indulgent, creative and prefer to keep their own schedule as opposed to conforming to someone else’s. The most sensitive sign in the zodiac, they dislike scents that are too overpowering. Soothing Chamomile is natural and light and soothes this sensitive sign’s overly heightened senses.

Aries: Original Clean
Quick, impulsive and easily bored, Original Clean is about the only scent that Aries can stand for more than one use. They’re too busy being pioneers than to be held back by heavily floral scents–they crave a more neutral scent that matches their active and innovative lifestyle.

Taurus: Beauty Finish
Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, making these bulls elegant, quality obsessed and uber feminine–and they want a scent to match. Beauty Finish is seductive, reminiscent of Spring and oozes alluring.

Gemini: Revive
Gemini’s want to try everything, this includes wearing several scents simultaneously because they can’t make up their mind i.e. deodorant, perfume, hair products, lotion etc. They need a scent that is light enough and floral enough to keep them engaged.

Cancer: Original Clean
Cancer’s are born with an innate lie detector, and the scent of their perfume is usually an extension of them–so when it comes to deoderent–they prefer something fresh and honest.

Leo: Nourished Beauty and Sensitive
There are two distinct types of Leo’s the A type and the Actress. If they’re A type and beauty conscious like most Leo’s then they’ll prefer sensitive. If they’re still seeking a stage they’ll want to stand out deodorant and all.

Virgo: Soothing Chamomile
Health conscious and sensitive, Virgo’s crave a scent that’s easily digestible. Soothing Chamomile is their preferred scent, it’s soft, subtle and barely there.

Libra: Skin Renew
Libra’s prefer a scent that is distinct enough to sway them from debating whether or not they’ve chosen the right scent.

Scorpio: Skin Renew
Scorpio’s are intense and active and ooze sensuality and they want a scent that matches their intense personality.

Sagittarius: Cool Essentials
Essential Cool is light and fresh and is an ideal match for Sagittarius’s calm, cool, and non-attached personality. They are not interested in a scent that lingers heavily, they want something to uplift them.

Capricorn: Sensitive
Most Capricorn’s have very sensitive skin, and they do not like heavy scents because they already own a designer perfume. They prefer to keep things straight forward and do not want to send mixed signals.

Aquarius: Cool Essentials
Aquarius prides themselves on their unique and detached personality, they aren’t attracted to commercial scents–they want something different.