How To Pick The Best Deodorant For You

How To Pick The Right Deodorant

By Courtney Leiva

Like shopping for undergarments, finding the perfect deodorant can be somewhat of a challenge. Either the product fades too fast, the formula isn’t potent enough, or your trusty tubes can leave an unwanted residue that leaves you feeling far from fresh.

To help you find your perfect product match, we’ve gathered seven deodorants based upon your lifestyle to help you get the most bang for your buck. Whether you’re more active or prefer more health-conscious picks, check out our favorite odor neutralizers for instant underarm refreshment.

If you’re active…

Unwanted body odors can be a big beauty concern while working out, so to neutralize that nagging stench, picking up an active-based deodorant can be your best bet. For a residue-free formula that keeps you smelling great, the Secret Antiperspirant & Deodorant Invisible Solid, Brazil Rainforest Mist ($4.99, gives you extra protection that goes on dry fast. If you have more sensitive skin, try the Dove Advanced Care with NutriumMoisture Nourished Beauty Deodorant, ($6.19, which protects the delicate skin underneath your arms, while giving you that long-lasting odor shield.

If you’re more health conscious…

Natural-based formulas are a great choice f you love non-toxic beauty products, so for a more eco-friendly pick, try the LAVANILA The Healthy Deodorant ($14, made with essential oils and non-irritating ingredients. If you prefer a roll-on, let the Le Couvent des Minimes Eau de Minimes Everyday Deodorant with Alum Stone ($13.50, come to your aid fast, as it employs rosemary and orange oil to freshen up your underarms.

If you’re looking for luxury…

When you want to splurge, pick up the Clarins Gentle Care Roll-On Deodorant ($18, uses witch hazel and rosemary to decrease perspiration.

If you like long-lasting products…

When you are constantly on-the-go, touching up your deodrant can be tricky. To stay on-the-move and still smell great, the Vichy 24 Hour Deodorant Roll-On ($17, keeps underarms revitalized and comfortable with a formula that lasts for a solid 24 hours.

If you really really want to pull out all the sweat-stopping stops…

Reduce underarm wetness and remain calm, cool, collected, and dry for a full 72 hours with the Certain Dri Roll-On Antiperspirant ($8.49,! It can be too strong for very sensitive skin, but for everyone else, it’s a game-changer!

If scent is your top priority…

If smelling your best is what’s most important, the Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Perfumed Deodorant Stick ($22, brings a light-perfumed scent to enhance any existing scents you have on.