Even if you started this year with a New Year’s resolution to cut down on your caffeine consumption, we’re hoping you’ll reconsider – or at least bend the rules a little bit. And not just because we’re pretty much coffee addicts over here and we’d like some company when giving into our vices, but rather because caffeine is as responsible for perking up our skin as it is our bodies – and that’s not a secret we want to keep to ourselves.

How it works. Caffeine, when applied topically, constricts blood vessels thereby reducing redness, puffiness and even the appearance of cellulite, making it an ideal topical treatment for facial flushing and rosacea, under eye circles and puffiness, and even that dimply skin behind our thighs (oh wait, that’s just us?!)…

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How to banish under eye circles with tea bags. When you wake up with puffy, dark circles under your eyes, hit the caffeine. No, we’re not talking about brewing a cup of Joe (although that will most definitely help). Rather, steep 2 caffeinated tea bags in hot water for a few minutes before squeezing the extra fluid out of them and placing them in the refrigerator. Once cool, apply the chilled tea bags to your eyes for 5 to 10 minutes.

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How to reduce facial redness and rosacea with tea. Steep 2 caffeinated tea bags in 2 ounces of water for a very concentrated brew. (You want to let it sit for a while so it becomes highly concentrated.) Squeeze the tea bags (to get every last drop) before tossing. Pour the concentrated tea into an ice cube tray and freeze. When facial redness has you down, pop out a tea-cube, wrap in a cloth or paper towel (so it’s not too cold!) and apply to rosacea or any other area that’s red.

How to get rid of cellulite with coffee. If coffee is more your style, use cooled coffee grounds to make a double-duty scrub to exfoliate and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Just mix cooled, caffeinated coffee grounds with oil (we prefer coconut oil, but any oil will do) to create a thick paste. Standing in the bath or shower to reduce mess (hey, staying clean and organized was a resolution of ours too, so at least we’re keeping that one!), vigorously rub the mixture over any areas to promote circulation, constrict blood vessels and reduce the appearance of cellulite, at least temporarily.

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