By Becca Gregg

We’ve all heard it before. Our mothers, doctors, and heck, even teachers have drilled into us that enough zzz’s, (at least 8 hours every night,) can play a key role in your body’s overall health and wellness. Sleep, though, is not only essential for maintaining heart health, improving concentration and reducing stress, but also vital for repairing sun damage, preventing acne and even maintaining a healthy glow! They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing!

Need help falling to sleep? Try this!

Need an excuse to hit the hay tonight? Look no further. The Beauty Bean has got you covered with all of the beauty benefits that a good night’s sleep can bring plus some fun ideas and products for making the most of your shut-eye.

What sleep can do for…

Eyes: The benefits of sleep on the appearance of your eyes are seemingly endless. We all know that there’s nothing quite like puffy eyes and dark circles to announce to the world that you haven’t slept. Bloodshot eyes, bags, dark under-eye circles, and puffiness can all be reduced, if not completely erased, by getting enough sleep. To further reduce puffiness and darkness under your eyes, sleep on your back with your head slightly elevated.

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Complexion: We here at The Beauty Bean were pretty bummed when the groundhog saw his shadow earlier this month. Six more weeks of winter? No thanks. Luckily, you don’t need to wait for better weather to see your skin improve. Sleep can work as automatic relief for ashy, washed-out skin. While you snooze, your skin renews itself and grows more, which helps you achieve that healthy glow that we all strive for. To pump up the impact of your restorative nighttime products, try sleeping on BeautyZZZ’s Natural Silk Pillowcase ($47).

Hair: Looking to grow out that bad haircut, or simply just itching for longer locks? Increased sleep has been proven to make your locks grow faster. While you’re dozing off, your body is busy repairing itself and secreting growth hormones, which work to improve hair health and promote growth. For added hair repair, overnight, try John Frieda Frizz-Ease Overnight Repair Serum ($10.99).

Hair too dry and damaged for a sleep-repair? These tricks will have you loving your hydrated locks!

Acne: Sleep deprivation has been shown to increase inflammation, as well as insulin resistance, both of which are major culprits of acne.  In addition, sleep helps to build a strong immune system, which in turn works to fight infection so that blemishes clear up more quickly. The moral of the story is; sleep more, break-out less. For additional blemishing-busting while you sleep, try University Medical’s AcneFree Terminator 10 ($4.79).

Wrinkles: While you sleep your body produces more protein, allowing cells to repair damage – including those harmed from ultraviolet rays (a.k.a sun damage) and pollution. Getting your 8 hours can also result in more human growth hormone production (HGH). In English? HGH, works to retain skin elasticity, making you less likely to wrinkle. For a while-you-sleep facial, try applying Clinique’s Super Rescue Antioxidant Night Moisturizer ($42.50) before bed.

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It’s only a matter time before you’re the true Sleeping Beauty.