How To Use Spoons To De-Puff Tired Eyes

Suffering from allergies? Dealing with a breakup? Or just consistently wake up with tired-looking, puffy eyes? Try this easy, DIY beauty trick to reduce swelling, redness and under-eye circles!

If you consistently wake with tired, puffy eyes – or just know one of those mornings are coming, post-breakup, perhaps! – throw a couple frozen spoons in  the freezer!

While the results are temporary, the concave shape should fit perfectly in your eye socket (or find spoons that do!), providing a de-puffing chill to swollen eyes.

Holding the spoons on your eyes for just a couple of minutes will help to constrict the blood vessels (reducing any redness or under-eye circles) while also reducing inflammation and puffiness. Couple this with an eye cream containing caffeine and your eyes will thank you!