How We Deal With Less-Than-Gorgeous Makeup Free Mondays Mornings

By Alexis Wolfer

It’s Makeup Free Mondays every Monday here at The Beauty Bean. We all dutifully forgo all traces of cosmetics in honor of a larger Real Beauty movement, in the hope of showing others that beauty is much more than mascara and concealer. That being said, we all have those days

You know, when the idea of walking out of the house sans makeup seems like nothing short of torture? (And we’re not just talking about the blow to our confidence when we catch a glimpse in the mirror and notice that larger-than-life blemish or those under-eye circles we went to bed praying would be gone by morning – especially since we followed all our under-eye circle reducing tips and tricks!) But, as even the most beauty-savvy among us knows, sometimes even sleeping with your head elevated with multiple pillows can’t combat the lingering effects of a sleepless Saturday night and all the salicylic acid in the world can’t always eliminate that pimple overnight.

So, what’s the plan come those rough Makeup Free Mondays mornings?

Move It. When hitting snooze seems like the best way to reduce the signs of sleep deprivation, think again. Getting up and getting moving can do wonders for helping you look more awake! Hit the gym for some cardio, pop in a workout video or just do some yoga moves in your pajamas. Getting your heart pumping with increase your circulation, bring blood flow to your skin and help you look more awake in no time.

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Chill Out. Sure, a hot shower can seem so much more relaxing, but it’s amazing what a cold chill can do for your skin (and your mood)! If a cold shower seems tortuous, try just splashing your face with cold water. The chilly temperatures will help tighten pores and blood vessels, helping your eyes look more awake even reducing the redness and puffiness of pimples too! Still need more help? Rub a wet ice cube under your eyes and over any blemishes. (Just be sure to run the ice cube under water before applying to skin or it can stick!)

Tea Bag It. The caffeine in tea will constrict blood vessels (much like cold water) making caffeinated tea bags (steeped in hot water, drained and chilled in the fridge) a great inexpensive, easy and effective eye compress for reducing under eye darkness and puffiness. Have a pimple too? Use the compress there too!

Cortisone Cream It. For pesky pimples that avoided the effects of all your best blemish-busting moves Sunday night, dab a dot of cortisone cream (over the counter or prescription will both work well) on the pesky pimple to help reduce redness and inflammation.

Conceal It. We bet you weren’t expecting to see this on our Makeup Free Mondays post! But, at the end of the day, Makeup Free Mondays is all about confidence – it’s not about making you feel less than gorgeous! So, if that pimple has your confidence plummeting or those under eye circles have you hoping your boss doesn’t have a “no sunglasses” policy, it’s okay to hit your makeup bag. We’re not judging – we never do! We just want you to know you’re beautiful just the way you are and to put the focus back on your inner beauty.

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