I Put Elephant Shit On My Face…

Mud masks have been around for centuries.

Pigs and elephants roll around in mud to keep themselves cool and protected from the sun.

And many of us here at The Beauty Bean have even spent more money than we’d like to admit to have the same mud we’d immediately wash off our hands on any other day, slathered over our bodies in fancy spas.

So, while hiking in Thailand with some elephants and one of my best friends, I didn’t think twice before applying a thick layer of mud to my clogged-from-traveling skin. Heck, if Yaya (my new elephant friend) was doing it, why wouldn’t I?!

It was only later I really realized that I primarily rubbed elephant shit on my face. Well, that and water (but even the water here is DIRTY). And ya know what: my pores felt tighter and cleaner and my skin felt softer.

Don’t have a pile of elephant dung near by to DIY your own Thai facial? No worries. When I get back to the states I will instead turn to Wei Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask ($42). The once-a-week mud mask is formulated with 7 herbs to help refine pores, clarify skin tone and texture, a reveal a clearer complexion. Plus, it even comes with an application brush to make slathering dirt on your face feel oh-so glamorous.