You’re told to wash your hands obsessively to keep illness away. But not to go nuts with the Purell because you can inadvertently kill the good bacteria meant to protect you from the bad bacteria you’re trying to kill.

And if that argument didn’t feel counterintuitive and confusing enough, well, it’s about to get even more so…

A common antibacterial agent in hand soaps and body washes, triclosan, which has been found in cleaning agents for 40 years, is raising some red flags – and the FDA is taking note.

Animal studies have shown that the same ingredient used to kill bacteria may increase the risk of infertility, cause early puberty and lead to other hormone-related issues in people.

Apparently the FDA has been working to determine the safety of triclosan for decades.

Tired of waiting? (Yeah, us too.) Toss the ticlosan products and instead stick with all natural soaps like those from Beecology!

PS. For those of you concerned with the germs ticlosan is meant to kill? Well, the FDA has said there is no evidence that soaps made with triclosan “provide any benefit over washing with regular soap and water.”

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