IV Infusions: The Latest High-Tech Beauty Trend

Are IV Infusions The Next Beauty Trend?

When you think of IVs, you probably think of hospitals.

Or hangovers. Well, if you’re familiar the hangover-remedy-on-demand that was once popular with Wall Street’s biggest party animals. (Maybe it still is! Though it’s been a while since I’ve been tapped into that scene!)

But all across the country, women are taking their beauty-from-the-inside-out routines to a whole new level with IV vitamin infusions designed to target everything from clear skin to anti-aging, via needle and a hanging intravenous bag loaded with wellness-specific concoctions.

Recently, I went to check out the buzz surrounding IV infusions for beauty at Skin Matrx, a new spa in Burbank, California run by anesthesiologist Dr. Blanka Orloff.

What’s In An IV Infusion For Beauty?

While Dr. Orloff custom blends every IV infusion to tailor it to the patients wants and needs, the IV bag hanging above-head beautifying me from within was filled with Vitamin C (an antioxidant vital for collagen synthesis), Selenium (important in synthesis of antioxidant enzymes), Zinc (promotes cell division and decreases oil production), Pyridoxine (helpful for building new cells), 
B vitamins (for energy and metabolism), Dexpantheno (it improves tissue hydration, reduces inflammation, reduces oils), Taurine (important in cell salt transport), Carnitine (reduces oil production),Biotin (improves skin texture, hair and nail growth), MTE (important for hair growth), Manganese (an essential element of many biochemical reactions), and Molybdenum (important in detoxification), all in a saline base.

What Are The Benefits Of An IV Beauty Infusions?

Well, according to Dr. Orloff, “Along with good topical skin regiment, avoiding sun and smoking, this is a wonderful addition to keeping your skin looking good by keeping it healthy. Most of us do not each a balanced diet and therefore do not provide our skin with optimal ingredients for its function. This is an easy and guaranteed way to fix it!”

Bottom line: if your beauty routine could use a boost (or you just got back from a sun-and-margarita-filled vacation!), you may want to consider an IV beauty infusion!

The only caveat I would add (before telling you to call ASAP) is that I felt a bit puffy for 12 hours afterward. So consider booking your appointment (or at least your first one) a few days before a big event. That said, after a good night’s sleep I woke up to skin far more hydrated than usual. It’s the kind of glow that really can only come from within.

Skin Matrx, 2301 W. Alameda Ave, Burbank, California; (818) 848-0590

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