By Alexis Wolfer

Sexy smooth skin is on our minds. And not just because we’re lusting for lux holiday getaways that require us to bare all in tiny swimsuits. For that, we’re fine with short-lasting shaving or painful-waxing. But for life? For life, we’ll settle for nothing short of a smooth, sexy and hair-free body that’s no pain, all gain. And while that may be wishful thinking, we’ve found the next best thing (and let’s just say it’s on our holiday wish lists here at The Beauty Bean!).

So, what are we talking about? Well, laser hair removal, of course. And to answer all of your (well, our) most pressing questions, we turned to none other than Cindy Barshop, hair-removal guru and founder of Completely Bare Spas.



So, Cindy, we all want to be hair-free asap, but assuming it’s summer’s short-shorts we’re really hoping to be stubble-free for, when should we get started? We have lasers that treat suntanned skin, so you can start anytime you’d like!  If your goal is to have a summer where you never have to think about shaving or waxing again, the fall is the perfect time to begin treatment.

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How many sessions will it take to be blissfully hairless? Laser hair removal is a process, and while everyone will need at least 6 treatments, each person is different. No one can tell you exactly how many touch-ups you’ll need when dealing with the human body and dormant follicles.

Do some body parts need more treatments (and time) than others? Every body part needs a minimum of six treatments, however areas like the lip or chin tend to be more hormonal and can require more.  After your initial six, everyone will need touch-ups to maintain your newfound hairless existence.


Do we need to do anything to prep? Should we stop waxing? It’s best to allow a full hair cycle after your last wax before starting laser.  About three weeks will ensure you have the most growth for your first treatment.

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Can we still shave (or are we destined to be a hairy monster throughout this well-worth-it-process)? Yes, you can still shave during treatment. Some laser technology requires a stubble, and some require you to be shaved.  You’re technician will prep you during your appointment, so come as you are!

Should we exfoliate before treatment? Exfoliation is great for your skin.  It prevents ingrowns and keeps your skin super soft. Laser hair removal treats hair below the skins surface, at the follicle, though, so exfoliation isn’t required!


So, we hear it’s pretty freakin’ painful… Is there anything we can do about the pain factor? If you can handle waxing, you can handle laser.  It feels like a warm rubber band snapping against your skin and it shouldn’t hurt enough to require a strong pain killer or topical numbing cream.  If you’re nervous, though, some liquid courage works quite well!

And we’ll really be hair-free, for good? It absolutely works!  Once the follicle is killed, it will not grow back.  There are, however, dormant follicles all over your body that may become active at any time (usually due to hormone fluctuations). The good news is they are random and sporadic hairs; they’ll never be coarse and ingrown again.  A quick touch up is all you’ll need to be rid of them.

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