I’m pretty much a chapstick, lip balm, Aquaphor whore. Spill out any of my (many) handbags or empty any of my (also, many) jackets and you’re sure to find no fewer than 3 lip-hydrating products in the depths of each. Empty my desk drawer and, well, you could pretty much call me a hoarder.

But here’s the deal: I HATE chapped lips. On myself. On others. Even in my imagination. So, it’s only natural that I load up on products promising soft, moisturized, as-far-from-chapped-as-possible lips, right?!

Add to this my obsession with staying fine line and wrinkle-free for as long as possible and, well, Sensai Cellular Performance Total Lip Treatment ($65), the equivalent of an anti-aging eye-cream Β and chapstick in one, is pretty much my version of the best thing since sliced bread.

Even better, unlike any other lip product I’ve ever tried, this has the consistency of lotion, absorbs instead of sits and makes it easy to apply any lipsticks or glosses on top (in much the same way you can apply makeup over your face cream!). Really, it’s likeΒ lotion for your lips!

Pricey. But oh so very worth it. Well, if you have my same neuroses anyway!



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