Made for Him, but Great For You

Men’s Products Perfect For Your Sensitive, Feminine Skin

While women’s beauty products usually far outweigh their formulated-for-men counterparts, on occasion, raiding your brother/boyfriend/husband’s medicine cabinet can be just what The Beauty Bean ordered!

Case in point: shaving products. Designed to smooth and soothe the most sensitive of body parts, hair removal products created for men’s faces are often ideal for removing any unwanted body hair from armpit to ankle (or, we guess, even further).

For wintery, weathered legs, try Erno Laszlo’s Hydra-Therapy Shave Cream ($25). Formulated with glycerin and essential oils and enhanced with vitamins C and E, this shave cream richly hydrates and protects for an extremely close and nick-free shave with sensually smooth results.

Prone to nicks? Try American Crew’s Precision Shave Gel ($12.95), a unique non-lathering formula free from the air-bubbles found in most foaming creams (which are often sited as being responsible for the occasional shaving-blunder).

If your hair is particularly course (say, if you’re shaving your bikini line), Hommage’s Shave Emollient ($65) may be worth the price (it will, after all, let you say bye-bye to those bank-breaking bikini waxes). Just massage this silicone and natural-oil rich formula into your skin for a friction-free shave. Note: it’s also water resistant, making it ideal for shower-shaves.

Suffer from stubborn in-grown hairs? Shaveworks’ The Cool Fix ($25) will do the trick all the while its cooling gel soothes any irritated skin. Plus, it smells great (unlike most other effective ingrown-hair solutions).

Trust us: his medicine cabinet treasures somehow make his messes seem more manageable.

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