How To Make Waxing Less Painful

Bye-Bye Waxing Pain

Made an appointment for a waxing and already feeling the pain-anxiety brewing?

Well, Lele Gomes, esthetician and celebrity waxer at the Rita Hazan Salon is here to help make the waxing process more bearable. (Heck, Jennifer Lopez and Katy Perry trust her for their hair removal so she’s gotta be good!)

So, read on before your next wax for a painless (er, perhaps “less painful” would be more accurate!) hair removal experience.

How To Make Waxing Hurt Less:

Hit Up the Medicine Cabinet. Take two Advil or Tylenol twenty minutes before your waxing appointment to help ease the pain during and after the wax.

Numb the Area. Talk with your doctor about getting a prescription numbing cream for use before a bikini wax, such as EMLA Cream (Lidocaine and Prilocaine 25 mg). It will help ease the pain during the appointment. For optimal results, place plastic wrap over the cream on the area that is going to be treated and leave it on for 30 minutes prior to the appointment.

Exfoliate. For the full week following your wax, use an organic loofa every day to exfoliate the treated area to help prevent ingrown hairs.

Avoid the Moisturizer. Contrary to popular belief, using moisturizer prior to a wax is a bad idea. It is best to keep skin in its natural state, as moisturizers may irritate the area of skin being waxed. Besides using a numbing cream, a clean area is best before getting a wax.

After Care. Following a bikini wax, if redness or irritation occurs (which is completely normal), apply Neosporin or an antibiotic cream to help alleviate the pain.

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