What Is Micro Needling? Tips, Tricks + More!

Micro Needling: Are Tiny Needles The Real Fountain Of Youth?

By Courtney Leiva

We’ve seen some weird beauty treatments since we started TheBeautyBean, (hiya elephant shit facials). So we weren’t entirely shocked to see the latest skincare trend – micro needling – pop up.

“Micro WHAT?!” you ask?

The 411 on Micro Needling

Micro needling: a beauty procedure during which tiny (and, need we say, painful!) needles are rolled over your face to force your skin into healing mode.

The idea: that in piercing the skin, you send a message to your body to repair the damaged area, which stimulates collagen production.

The claim: that micro needling is a revolutionary anti-aging procedure that also reduces the appearance of scarring.

The Buzz on Micro Needling

In the beauty world, it seems like everyone from vloggers to beauty enthusiasts swear by micro needling’s skin renewing appeal. But it’s not without controversy – and not only because of the pain (although numbing gels are common).

To shed the fact from fiction, we consulted Dr. Michael Gold to give us the  on everything you need to know about this newly budding trend.

What The Pros Say About Micro Needling

The Beauty Bean: What skin benefits does microneedling offer?

Dr. Michael Gold: The in-office EndyMed Intensif device uses microneedles to penetrate into the dermis to create a fractional injury that is uniform from pulse to pulse. This allows us to perform the micro needling procedure in a precise manner all over the treatment area. These needles actually bypass the epidermal-dermal barrier to allow the radiofrequency energy to give consistent results. By bypassing the epidermal-dermal barrier, we eliminate one of the more common side effects seen with some of the devices used for rejuvenation or for scars – that is post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, or PIH. The treatment allows us to treat photo-damaged skin as well as scars, in a uniform, precise and accurate manner to give consistent results.

TBB: What are the dangers of using primitive at-home micro needling devices, like the derma roller?

DMG: The primary danger comes with people not understanding how to use them correctly, using needles that are too deep and then applying inappropriate products to the skin. Pain, potential infection risks, and other adverse events have been reported in some individuals.

TBB: Have you seen any patients in your practice who have experienced side effects from these DIY devices? What are the most common complaints?

DMG: We’ve seen contact dermatitis-like skin rashes and what we call granulomas – small nodules under the skin.

TBB: For patients who are interested in reaping the potential benefits of micro-needling, what alternatives do you suggest in lieu of DIY devices?

DMG: People can have micro needle pens done in office settings, which if done well can be beneficial. When patients need more efficacy, I recommend what I call ‘big box’ microneedles like the EndyMed Intensif device. This uses radiofrequency energy on the needles to deliver precise needling energy for rejuvenating effects and scar improvement that I do not see with rollers or pens.

TBB: What are the most effective in-office micro-needling procedures? How do the results compare to at-home devices? What other benefits do in-office procedures offer patients over at-home treatments?

DMG: ‘Big box’ devices like EndyMed Intensif are superior to pens and rollers, and the results are more consistent and predictable.

Thinking about giving micro needling a try? Find a doctor or licensed skincare professional who specializes in the procedure to limit the risk of any negative reactions – and steer clear of the at-home devices which, when not cleaned, stored, or used properly, can cause long term skin damage (as much as a seller on Amazon Prime may try to tell you otherwise!).

photography via dermrollerreviewer.com