Model Beauty Tips: How To Prep For A Photoshoot, Wedding Or Other Big Day

Being paid to look good means you better bring your A-game on the day of a photoshoot and having good skin is a must. Those under eye circles should be left back home and that pimple better be banished by daybreak. But whether you’re being paid to model or just have a big date on the horizon, we all have those days that we need (okay, “want”) to look picture perfect. So, we chatted with model and lifestyle blogger Jacqueline Miranne about her pre-shoot routine. Heck, she looked pretty damn flawless in Alexis Wolfer’s Today Show segment (where Jacqueline wore the Kate Middleton inspired wedding gown!) so we trust she knows what she’s talking about! Here she shares her industry secrets, tried and trusted favorites and last minute tricks!

How to prep your skin for a big occasion…

Week Before. Out of the ordinary treatments are best a bit in advance! A facial is always great if you can afford one, but I love giving myself an at-home facial by slicing a strawberry in half and gently rubbing it on my skin. Leave it on for a few minutes and rinse! You’ll be amazed!

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Night Before. Mix equal parts of a facial self-tanner, like Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess ($22), with your normal moisturizer in your hands and rub evenly on your face and neck. Wash your hands after, just in case! This gives a subtle boost to your skin (not a fake bake look) so that even if you have to wake up at 5am (like many photo shoots call for) you can still look vibrant and glowing!

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Morning Of.  Never, ever squeeze a pimple! Always moisturize and, for a bare faced look, (without actually baring all,) use a facial primer – I live by Colorscience Primers ($45)! It evens out your skin tone and gives a flawless, make-up free look (shh it’s our secret)!

Evening After. Heavy make-up is always hard to remove without irritating your skin! I use Vaseline as an ultra-moisturizing eye make-up remover that’s especially great for the sensitive under eye area! To get a true clean feeling on my face, I apply my face wash to a wash cloth and gently scrub in a circular motion.  Key word: gently! Wrinkles not welcome (yet!).

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