As most of you know, I was in a bad horseback riding accident (now, about a month ago), and, well, let’s just say that spending almost 2 weeks in the hospital on a cocktail of drugs even Charlie Sheen would be jealous of, is not exactly the best recipe for radiating beauty.

Yes, I’m EXTRAORDINARILY grateful I will fully recover, exceptionally lucky to have the incredible support system I have, and beyond grateful for having taken such good care of my body before the accident that I am recovering at record speeds.

I was told I would be flat on my back for 8 weeks and, well, I wasn’t really interested in that plan. At all.And, what do you know, 4 weeks in I’m walking on my own, swimming laps (without kicking) and was just yesterday cleared to start trying the recumbent bike and even some Pilates moves with the close supervision and assistance of my amazing physical therapist.

Heck, I was holding meetings in my hospital room and, 2 days out of the hospital, spent a 12 hour day shooting videos with POPSUGAR and COVERGIRL!

But back to my beauty routine…

Sure, I was the girl in the hospital having my hair washed in a bedpan to prepare for a meeting before I was able to stand (thank you to superstar Desirae Cherman and my BFF Lacey Stone for proving that if there’s a will, there’s a way). I did have MARS THE SALON LA come to my hospital to do my nails so I could do the COVERGIRL shoot 2 days later. And yes, the doctors thought I was nuts. But, here I am, only 4 weeks later, sitting at my desk, working full days and on a faster-than-anyone-expected road to recovery…

My skin, though, was another story.

Between neither showering (sadly, even the amazing Lumene Sensitive Cleansing Wipes do not a shower make) nor exercising, my pores were Clogged (yes, with a capital C). So, when I got home, I got down and dirty and pulled out the big guns:

For clogged pores: Murad Blackhead and Pore Clearing Duo ($49.50), a new two-step mask clinically proven to reduce blackheads and tighten pores with its volcanic mineral clay and shikakai extract!

For dullness: Arcona Mandarin Brightening Peel ($78), a glycolic and gluconic acid based mask to deeply exfoliate and help protect skin from free radicals with antioxidant-rich lycopene and mandarin extract, which I then scrubbed off with a teeny tiny bit of La Prairie Cellular Microdermabrasion Cream ($275) to manually scrub away what the chemical exfoliants had already loosened.

For dryness: When Essence Mask The Last Choice ($28), a single-use bio-cellulose sheet (created by fermenting coconut juice!) that may make you look like a serial killer for 20 minutes, but has been shown to increase moisture by up to 40% after 1 hour!

Hopefully you won’t be in the hospital soon – or be skipping out on skincare for an extended period of time for any other reason! – but, in case you need a down and dirty pore-un-clogging routine, now you’ve got it!


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