6 Citrus Beauty Products We Love

By Alix Turoff

We all know how important it is to get enough vitamin C, especially when things are especially busy at work, you’re not getting enough sleep and your diet resembles a college student’s during finals. But when you’re just looking to take a load off, citrus products can work wonders in terms of calming your nerves, providing antioxidant protection and putting you in an overall better mood.

We scoped out the citrus packed products that will help you to unwind and leave you with a healthy feeling inside.

Darphin Paris Orange Blossom Aromatic Care, $66 at beauty.com
Essential oils have a hippy-dippy reputation but that doesn’t mean that even the least hippy among you shouldn’t make them part of your regular beauty routine. The cocktail of ingredients in Darphin’s Orange Blossom oil soothes the skin while preventing pigmentation issues. Just massage the product into the face and neck to even the skin tone, brighten the complexion and relax the face.

How to tap into scent to feel better stat!

June Jacobs Mandarin Moisture Masque, $52 at dermstore.com
Imagine the beauty benefits that a mask made of mandarin oranges would have on your skin. If you can’t, think of it this way: applying this masque to your face, neck and décolleté will improve the tone and texture of the skin without drying it out. Add in some green tea extract, goji berry and pomegranate extract and you have powerful antioxidant benefits to boot.

Supersmile Mandarin Mint Whitening Toothpaste, $20 at drugstore.com
Obviously, having white choppers is a plus and when you can achieve a super smile with mandarin orange flavored toothpaste, well, what are you waiting for? Supersmiles whitening toothpaste brightens teeth up to 273% more effectively than your normal toothpaste and is perfectly suitable for bonding, caps and veneers. If you’re a chronic coffee drinker (guilty), you need to try this!

A few more ways to brighten your teeth naturally!

Suki Moisture Rich Lemon + Sage Cleansing Lotion, $26.95 at dermstore.com
This milky cleanser not only cleanses, but also packs tons of vitamins and minerals while balancing your skin’s pH, hydrating, fighting the signs of aging and preventing environmental damage too. Plus, this moisturizer won’t dry out the skin and the best part is, it smells so refreshing!

Bliss Lemon & Sage Body Scrub, $36 at sephora.com
Peel away any dead skin with this lemon and sage body scrub. We especially like using it before showering to soften the skin or for helping to even out a botched sunless tanner job (it happens to even the best of us!). And while this scrub isn’t oily, it will most certainly leave the skin silky and even, making a perfect blank canvas for applying sunless tanner in the first place.

Jo Malone Orange Blossom Scented Candle, $65 at bloomingdales.com
Fill up a bath, grab a good book, pour yourself a glass of wine and light this orange blossom candle and you’ll be setting the scene for a night of pure relaxation. The mixture of clementine leaves, orange blossom and water lily is extremely refreshing and will linger in the room for hours after your bath has drained and your stresses have washed away.

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