By Alexis Wolfer

With flip-flop season upon us, it is that time of year when our feet that have so comfortably hibernated through winter must once again reveal themselves.

Well, if we want to wear spring and summer’s sexy sandal styles, anyway.

Unfortunately, our boot-bound feet have been largely ignored for the last six months, during which time they’ve accumulated more layers than we’d like to admit of dry, thick and dead skin. The only foreseeable solution: a (not-so-) quick trip to the spa or salon for a much-needed pedicure (prefaced with an apology, of course, for the unfortunate soul who has to deal with our unfortunate soles).

The best facial for dull winter skin!

If your feet, like ours, more closely resemble sandpaper than they do human flesh (trust us, we’re not judging!), you too will want to know the best solution. Do the callus removing gels really help? And what about those razors we love so much but are illegal in some states? For the answers to these questions and some insight into getting our feet summer-ready, we turned to Dr. Neal Schultz, a top NYC dermatologist and the founder of DermTV:

Nurture your nails too!

See what Dr. Schultz has to say about using face cream around your eyes!