The Best Facial Cleansers For Every Skin Type

By Alix Turoff

It seems that looking for the perfect cleanser has become rather stress provoking.

There are so many options out there that promise to heal this and fix that, but how do we know what really works?

More importantly, how do we know what’s right for US?

Well, that’s what we’re here for, Beauty Bean-ers!

We’ve tested the latest and greatest facial cleansers and found the best ones to suit every need!

If you have sensitive skin: Verso Foaming Cleanser ($40)
This gentle cleanser is perfect for ladies with sensitive skin. It works to purify the skin while simultaneously removing grime and makeup. It contains no dyes, mineral oils, or other harmful substances.

If you have dry kkin: DHC Deep Cleansing Oil ($28)
DHC’s Deep Cleansing Oil hydrates and nourishes the skin with olive oil and vitamin E. It removes makeup, dirt and any other notorious pore cloggers with a water soluble formula that rehydrates skin without leaving behind an oily texture.

If you’re a purist: REN Rosa Centifolia 3-in-1 Cleansing Water ($25)
This self-described ‘beauty water’ removes makeup without any alcohol, soap or detergent. The flower water works as a cleanser and it’s pure formulation is great for the most gentle areas such as the eyes. Your skin will feel full and pure without being tight and dry!

If your skin is acne prone: Clearasil Daily Clear Refreshing Superfruit Pads ($4.97)
Clearasil’s super fruit pads are one of our favorite drugstore finds. The gentle cleanser fights blemishes with raspberry and cranberry extract which are known antioxidants. The pads contain salicylic acid 1% acne medication which make them a great option for anyone who suffers from periodic breakouts. Our favorite part is probably the light, refreshing fragrance!

If you’re looking for a multitasking cleanser : Cecilia Wong Awakening Vitamin C Cleanser ($38)
This cleanser smells just like fresh squeezed tangerines. It’s packed vitamins and minerals that not only clean the face, but also reduce inflammation, balance oil production and remove makeup and dirt. This powerful cleanser is a blend of tangerine which boasts astringent properties, alfalfa that promotes absorption, borage that repairs tissue damage, parsley that reduces blackheads and aloe that reduce swelling. What more can you want?

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