If it seems like you’ve been blessed with the pleasures of pimples and the wrath of wrinkles all at the same time, you’re not alone (and yes it’s a bitch).

We sat down with Suki Kramer, Founder & President of suki skincare to talk about how to treat a pimple on aging skin (or, it turns out, on any skin at all). Here’s what you need to know:

“Treating a blemish remains the same whether your skin is 20, 30, 50 or 80,” says Suki. While you may think you need a whole new arsenal of acne-fighting products to combat that killer blemish on your (sadly) aging skin, when the root cause of acne is the same (and it is), it should be treated in much the same way as when you were in middle school (whether or not you adhered to the best skincare routine in middle school is a whole other story, but you get the gist).

The blemishes popping up on your skin today – no matter your age – are caused by some combination of bacteria production, oil-imbalances and immune system dysfunction.

The key, according to Suki, is in zapping blemishes with acne-fighting skincare products that incorporate both herbs and plants with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-microbial properties as well as with refined actives from those same plants (like salicylic acid from wintergreen, white willow bark with retinol vitamin A and the antibiotic of Echinacea).

Scientific side note: scientific studies comparing traditional herbal treatments with synthetic chemical ingredients show mounting evidence that botanicals are more effective!

So, if you have combination or acne-prone skin, try adding these 3 products to your skincare routine:

Suki Bio-Active Purifying Face Serum ($82.95): With white willow salicylic acid, apple enzymes and goldenseal to treat breakouts, speed cell turnover, decongest pores and help reduce acne, this high-performance, lightweight serum targets blemishes, visibly controls oil and bacteria production and purifies the pores to dramatically improve skin clarity. As part of the suki® balancing regimen for problem skin, it has shown blemish reduction action of up to 80% in clinical tests!

Suki Renewal Bio-Resurfacing Facial Peel ($82.95): This unique gel masque with cranberry-based alpha hydroxyl acids exfoliates, treats blemishes, unclogs pores, softens fine lines, evens tones and accelerates collagen production for a visibly smoother, more radiant complexion effective for all skin types.

Suki Transformative Cleansing Clay ($48.95): This remarkably light, creamy 3-in-1 cleanser, masque and spot treatment works to reduce irritation, redness, sensitivities and blemishing, while lifting impurities, dirt and toxins to the surface. (PS. It’s one of Alexis Wolfer’s favorites!)

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