How To Prevent Face Paint Breakouts

Face Paint Breakouts Are The WORST. Here’s How To Prevent Them.

Whether you’re gearing up for Halloween or Burning Man, the face paint breakouts struggle is REAL.

There are a few reasons why:

Like the fact that drunken nights tend to lead to less-than-adequately washed faces at night (especially probelmatic given that the makeup is usually very waxy and oily, a recipe for clogged more, which leads us to…).

Or that the quality of face paint is pretty crappy (hey, it’s just for one night and you want it to be cheap, right?!).

Or that you’re putting makeup designed for one part of your face on a qualitatively different part of your skin (eyeliner-drawn whiskers and lipstick-stained cheeks are top of mind).

So, how do you prevents face paint breakouts? Here are some tips…

How To Prevent Face Paint Breakouts

Buy Better Quality Makeup. If your look requires a face covered in white, you may need to go the face paint route. But, if you can, use real (aka everyday) makeup to create your look. The quality of makeup designed for everyday use is usually far better for your skin.

Prep Your Skin. Before applying face paint (or regular makeup on non-traditional areas), set your skin up for success by cleansing and toning (so you have a clear-as-possible canvas) and moisturizer (so your pores don’t soak up the face paint looking for hydration).

Use Primer. Primer not only helps your makeup stay put for longer, it also provides a barrier between your pores and the face paint. Ideally, you should use a primer that’s already a part of your normal skincare and makeup routine.

Less Is More. We know, we know: your costume absolutely, positively, requires black spots all over your face. But does it? If your skin is especially prone for breakouts maybe consider letting your costume do more of the talking and keeping your face more sparse. Tomorrow’s clear pores will thank you.

Set Up For Evening-Routine Success. If you know you’re going to be out late and not exactly up for a multi-step beauty routine when you get home, prepare beforehand. Set out facial cleansing wipes (to do the heavy lifting), oil-based cleanser (to breakdown greasy face paint), a foaming cleanser, and a toner before you leave the house. We know, it’s still a lot of steps, but it will be worth it when you don’t breakout!

Pre-Treat. If you’re even remotely prone to breakouts, treat them now! Don’t wait until they show up! Instead, apply your favorite skin-clearing skincare products to your face before the problems even have a chance to arise.

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