DIY Dry Skin Facial Mask

I just landed in Florida a few days ago for some much-loved family time and, well, dry skin was the topic of conversation.

For me, it was the result of spending the last few weeks going from LA to DC to NYC to FL. Needless to say, going from warm and dry to cold and wet to hot and wet is not exactly what the dermatologist ordered.

For my niece (hi, Lily!), it was the culmination of one too many days in the rollercoaster-like weather of NJ. Seriously, one day’s so cold you can’t feel your face, the next it snows, and the next it’s 60 degrees. (Not an exaggeration #GlobalWarming.)

So, when Mom suggested a grocery store run, (which pretty much happens every 24 hours in this packed-for-the-holidays house), well, I buzzed Lily stat to ask if she’d be up for DIY facial masks (duh!), heard back from her that she was (double duh!), and beelined it to the yogurt and honey.

(Puns stingingΒ you yet?!)

The yogurt is both gently exfoliating (with its lactic acid) and hydrating (thanks to the fat). The raw honey is antibacterial (great for acne prone skin), anti-inflammatory, and a humectant (meaning it helps other ingredients hydrate even more). Then we use sugar to gently scrub it all off.

Here’s what we made… (and, yes, our skin was crazy soft after!)

DIY Dry Skin Facial Mask

2 Tbsp Full Fat Greek Yogurt
1 tsp Raw Honey
1 Tbsp white sugar

Mix the yogurt and the honey together until smooth. Apply a thin layer to clean, dry skin. Let dry (approximately 15 minutes).

Use the sugar and some warm water to gently scrub the mask off until clean. Do not use soap, you want to leave the hydrating properties of the fat on your face.

Pat dry and you’re good to go!

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